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I started out being immersed in the technical field of engineering, yet I was always searching for "more", though I didn't know what that "more" was. I had a number of psychic and intuitive experiences which were fascinating but I had no contextual place to put it in the culture I was brought up in. In 1981 I moved to Boston and a friend dragged me to a Spiritualist Church where I became obsessed (pardon the expression) with psychic development and spiritual healing. I had a number of extraordinary experiences doing that work that defied logical reasoning, until I came to see that there is logic to magic.

After many years of psychic exploration, I felt like something was still missing, something deeper. That something was the capacity to be emotionally intimate with others - many others. I moved to California to find the Human Awareness Institute, and hence, myself. It was there that I found significantly deeper parts of my behaviors and motivations.

Of course, as we look inside, we see things that we don't particularly care for. It was there that I saw, without denial, my own self-disdain. It was clear that I needed to do something about it.  With terror in my heart, my intrepid soul embarked on a journey to live in freedom from self inflicted smallness, freedom from the pain of other peoples opinion of me, from allowing fear to stop me from that which I wanted so badly - to be in this world and not be of it.

I have participated scores of workshops, classes, groups and seminars. I have felt abject pain and abject joy at the same time. I have a compassion that comes from a deep understanding of my own neurotic behaviors. As a result, I became a psychotherapist with a passion to help people find their deeper, more congruent truths. I bring a sense of "everything is accepted" (that doesn't mean painless) to my approach in working with people.

"We don't need glasses to look inside."

Wally Phillips, M.A. (Somatic Psychology)






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